Supporting Marginalized Communities to Enhance their Living Standard


Health, HIV Prevention and WASH

This programme aim at: Developing awareness campaigns for HIV prevention, reproductive health and life skills based education; Developing awareness campaigns on maternal health and WASH; Organizing events for public health, and sanitation along with government; and Mobilizing construction of hygienic infrastructures(toilets/latrines) to schools


This programme aims at conducting awareness campaign on HIV and early pregnancies; Children confidence building programs like sanitary education and provision of materials; and provision and mobilization of study aid materials to underprivileged students


Under this theme KOCD delivers capacity building on best practices to the communities in : horticulture, Small livestock keeping, beekeeping, post harvest loss prevention management, and General Agriculture


Under this programme, KOCD addresses cross cutting issues that arise from the above core programs messages are generated through Community Support Groups eg Farmers, Students etc.

Youth Empowerment

Provision of sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods, training of Income Generating Activities and financial management, support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs’) to attain vocational skills and provision of basic start up tool kits to beneficiaries in the community

Child Protection

Under this theme KOCD focuses on holistic development of children its protection and rights, following interventions are planned over the time: Child rights education and protection awareness at different levels and different stakeholders; Development of safe learning places for children at schools, hospitals, and community centers; Children confidence building programs, walks, sessions, campaigns, and trainings; and Development of children groups and developing leadership skills in them.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

Under this theme KOCD responds positively to disasters that occur in the community such as flooding, landslide, hunger to find relief.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment aims at promotion women to take lead role in democratic norms and culture in the operational area. Two types of activities are undertaken in this theme: one aim at building capacities of women and communities and their groups to engage effectively with government and other stakeholders for getting their constitutional and legal social, economic rights, the other aims at working directly with state institutions for creating an environment that can guarantee the rights of women citizens. It also focuses on enhancing women income generation skills through capacity building and micro credit.


This programme aim at: Training of Youth Support Groups, formation of Environmental Protection and Conservation Clubs in schools, established a tree nursery which acts as a demonstration site and supplies tree seedlings to the community; Facilitate alternative activities for income generation to the community living adjacent to forest reserves such as apiculture ,Horticulture ,VSL education; and  Education on climate change adaptation to the community

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